Doggy Window

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Doggy Window

Do you have a wooden fence around your back yard? Do you let your dog out in the back yard? Have you ever thought how your dog must feel when he hears something in the front, but he cannot see what is going on? Or why if he smells this wonderful aroma coming from out front but can not tell what is giving off that glorious smell because he cannot see where it might be coming from. How would you like to only be able to see through the tiny slits in the wooden fence? Think about it that is all your dog can see. It does not sound like much fun, does it?

You have heard of a doggy door, but have you ever heard of a doggy window? That is what this wonderful creation is called, and it will enhance your dog’s outside time tremendously. It is so easy and inexpensive to make, and your dog will love it.

The only costs to creating this doggy window is the price of thick gauge chicken wire and two (2) 1 X 4s or two (2) fence pickets, whichever you prefer.

Start your doggy window project by cutting the hole in the fence at the bottom of the middle runner and the top of the bottom runner; the height of your will vary depending on the distance between the runners on your fence, but a good width of the widow is approximately two (2) feet.

After cutting the hole in the fence, cut the thick gauge chicken wire approximately one- and one-half inches (1 ½) longer and wider than the hole. Then staple the wire on the OUTSIDE of fence. The staples should be no longer than one (1) inch. NOTE: The staples will go into either a runner or a picket so there is no danger of harming your dog. Once you have stapled the wire you will proceed to frame over the chicken wire by using the 1 x 4s or the fence pickets, whichever you prefer. If you want your creation to look like a picture frame, then cut the ends at a forty-five (45) degree angle. If you prefer you can simply straight cut it. Either way you will now have a window in your fence that your dog can look out and see what is happening out front.

Once completed your dog will want to spend more time outside and if he could talk, he would ask you, “What took you so long to install this for me.”

IMPORTANT: Make sure that you use thick gauge chicken wire, so your dog is not able to chew through it.



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