Camping in Style: Things You Should Know About Glamping

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Camping in Style: Things You Should Know About Glamping

Glamping – a short-term for glamorous camping. It is a redefined form of camping where you can reconnect with nature and simultaneously enjoy luxurious amenities. Think of it as a way to experience the wilderness without sacrificing comfort.

Compared with traditional camping, glamping is less stressful as you do not need to pack camping essentials and build a tent for shelter. In glamping, you will be treated with a hotel-like experience – sleeping on a real mattress, and enjoying saunas, gourmet meals, and other amenities. Electrical outlets are present, too, and yes, most glamping sites have Wi-Fi. Hooray!

Maybe you are now finally thinking that glamping is worth it. We’ll give you compelling reasons why you should consider glamping for your next vacation.


As mentioned, in glamping you get to experience hotel-like hospitality. Forget about setting up a tent and sleeping on a foam mat. Glamping sites are a lot more spacious and you can enjoy integrated services like canoeing, hiking, archery, and other amenities. You get to enjoy the outdoors without the hassle of packing up camping essentials.


Glamping sites are mostly located near the beach or deep in a mountain range. Glamping is a great chance to experience the outdoors, appreciate a scenic view, and immerse yourself in nature. You can step outside your room and watch the stars at night. The authenticity of nature plus the conventional accommodation makes the glamping experience worthwhile.


Did you know that glamping is good for the environment? Glamping sites make use of amenities and facilities that come from sustainable resources like wood and up-cycled materials. Also, their setups are run on solar or wind power so they do not harm the environment.


In traditional camping, one of the most laborious tasks is setting up your tent and packing it up after the holidays. Glamping, on the other hand, does not require you to set up and pack away your tents. When you arrive at the glamping site, a real bed is waiting for you. You come and leave the glamping site at your own pace – hassle and stress-free.


One important aspect that makes glamping worthy is it gives you various cultural experiences. Instead of the usual tents, you can enjoy glamping in a variety of ways – teepees, tree houses, airstreams, yurts, and wagons.


Though the term glamping seems to be expensive, the truth is, glamping is less costly compared to going abroad for a holiday and staying in a hotel or resort. Plus the fact that you are supporting the environment when you go makes the experience even better.

If you love the outdoors, glamping can be a fun and unique experience that you want to try. It heightens your appreciation of nature and at the same time gives you precious memories that can last a lifetime.

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