Signs that Your Cat Loves You

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Signs that Your Cat Loves You

Cats have a reputation of being had to read, but cats do show affection, if you understand their actions and behavior.

Did you know if your cat licks you, it is a sign that she loves and cares about you?

When you pet your cat, she may give you playful bites. This action stems from her kitten days when she would show affection to her brothers and sisters in the same way. If the playful bites become too hard, do not scold her as this will confuse her; simply re-direct her attention to something else like a toy.

Has your cat ever brought you a present of a prey she caught? Even though it can be disgusting to find a small dead animal beside your doorstep or bed, do not punish your cat for bringing this gift to you. This is a sign of her love for you, it shows that she thinks of you as family and wants to provide for you. It also says that she is totally into you. Some studies suggest that since she has never seen you hunt for food, she could also be teaching you that you need to catch your food just like a mother cat teaches her young.

Cats mark their territory using the scent glands on their head and cheeks, so when your cat head butts you or rubs against you, she is marking you as her own.

Kneading, also known as “making biscuits” is a believed to be a behavior that kittens learn to stimulate their mother’s milk flow. So, when your cat kneads on or near you it shows that she is relaxed and comfortable. If the kneading is accompanied by purring, you have one very content cat that loves you very much.

Cats interpret eye contact as threatening, whether it is with another cat or a human, so if your cat looks you in the eye that means that she accepts you. A blink of slowly closing and reopening her eyes is her way of saying I love you enough to let my guard down. When given a slow blink from your cat, you should respond with a slow blink.

Meowing is a cat’s way of talking, just like people a cat is not going to talk to someone she does not like. So, if your cat has everything she needs and is just meowing, she is telling you that she loves you. Also, purring loudly is another way of saying, “I love you”.

Cats identify each other by scent, so sniffing one another’s behind is equivalent to a personal handshake, so if your cat has ever put her tail in your face, do not take it as an insult because it is actually a sign that you are one of her most trusted people.

Being a natural hunter, your cat does not like feeling vulnerable, especially when they are asleep, so if your cat curls up in your lap to take a snooze rest assured that she trusts and loves you.

If your cat’s tail is high and the tip twitching from side to side that means she is likes you.

How many times have you almost fallen because your cat is underfoot or does it seem like you cannot go into a room alone, to include the bathroom? Even though this can be annoying it is your cat’s way of showing you that she loves you whole bunches.

Sometimes a cat chooses to be secretive and show their affections to you by coming to you at night when you are fast asleep and sitting on your chest, face, or side. But this is a sure-fire way of knowing that she loves you.

Hopefully, you can now relate some of your cats’ actions and behaviors to their way of showing you that they love you.

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