St. Patrick’s Day is here!!

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St. Patrick’s Day is here!!

Hello to our online family from the good people here at – Saint Patrick’s Day is right around the corner! This wonderful day falls every year on March 17th period. Originally starting as a Christian feast day to celebrate the life of Saint Patrick and spread Christian energy throughout Ireland.  Modern-day Saint Patrick’s Day celebrations focus on celebrating everything Irish! Even though this holiday falls on March 17 every year, celebrations around the world can be weeklong events. Sean Patrick is a patron saint of Ireland this holiday is in remembrance of the day that he died. He successfully helped to spread Christianity throughout Ireland which is the reason why we celebrate his name and his life. Saint Patrick’s story has changed over the years and has been mixed with truth and fable. Did he spread Christianity throughout Ireland? Very few doubt the true answer to this question which is an absolute yes! Did he drive snakes out of Ireland? Well since snakes are not native to Ireland this one may be more fable.

Nevertheless, Saint Patrick had the type of impact on our world that commands modern-day celebrations to honor his name. Originally born in Britain as an atheist, at 16 years old he was kidnapped by Irish Pirates taken to Ireland. He was enslaved and forced to work as a Shepherd tending sheep. After 6 years he eventually escaped and walk 200 miles throughout Ireland. He was able to convince the crew of a ship to stow him away and take him back to Britain. It would be an understatement to say that this incredible experience had a huge impact on his life. Once home safely he was convinced that it was the Lord who protected him and allowed him to be delivered home safely. After everything that he had been through, during a dream He received a call to preach the gospel in Ireland. He prepared for 15 years at a British monastery for his missionary work and became a priest. His name was changed from Maewyn Succat to Patricius. Although at the time some Christians did live in Ireland, it is believed that most of the country was pagan, and spreading a foreign during those days was not an easy feat. Being undeterred he went from village to village sharing the teachings of the Lord and starting many churches.

Today Saint Patrick’s Day is celebrated in many different ways worldwide. Wearing green clothes and accessories, drinking green beer, and eating green foods are just a few! So, while you prepare for your personal Saint Patrick’s Day celebration, would like to remind you that all of the supplies for your celebration can be found right here!! Check out our store section by clicking stores at the top of the site. Click on amazing deals at the top of the site in type the name of the product or service that you’re looking for into the search function! No matter how you choose to celebrate this wonderful occasion the good people here at wish you, your family, and friends the best!

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