Halloween Fun!!

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Halloween Fun!!

10 Simple DIY Halloween Jokes That Will Have Everyone Howling with Laughter

Here are ten hilarious Halloween practical jokes (as well as a few spooky Halloween tricks) you can play on your loved ones or friends in October.

Do you really adore holidays that provide for amusing practical jokes? That can imply that you’re always the first to think up an April Fool’s Day practical joke or that you look for an excuse on every holiday. Therefore, if you’re seeking for the best simple DIY Halloween pranks and ideas, go no further—we’ve got them!

For some safe Halloween fun, try these easy fake-outs. Whether you’re playing a practical joke on members of your family, a partner, close friends, or coworkers, we bet they’ll be howling with laughter.

1. Put gummy eyeball ice cubes in your victim’s drink after freezing them.

2. Purchase inexpensive hair extensions in your target’s hair color and place them all about her pillow at night.

3. Take a shower head off, carefully dry the inside, then screw it back on after adding a packet of red drink mix. The faucet will spray fake blood on the unlucky individual who opens it.

4. Purchase a caramel apple kit from the grocery store, but use onions in place of the apples. Bring them to a Halloween party where you can disguise them with nuts or coconut for a more elaborate prank on multiple unsuspecting victims at once.

5. This is for the kind-hearted practical joker: When trick-or-treating, place candy in your neighbor’s dish rather than stealing it. Turn around and quickly leave.

Scary Halloween Pranks 6. This simple, terrifying Halloween prank is ideal for a family member who is not expecting it. Close the lid on the toilet after dropping a rubber snake, bat, or rat inside.

7. To start Halloween off with a terror, prepare this practical joke the night before: You may write a spooky invisible message on the bathroom mirror by dipping your finger or a cotton swab in some liquid dish soap. For example, “I’m watching you.” Your phrases will eerily emerge when your victim takes a shower and the mirror fogged up.

8. After dark, dress as a scarecrow, witch, ghost, or mummy, covering your hands and face, and place yourself along the walk leading to your front entrance as if you were a decorative dummy. Attempt to maintain complete stillness until trick-or-treaters arrive, then leap forward to greet them.

9. Crafts –  we adore this funny and spooky prank idea: With a piece of string, calculate the doorway’s half-length and cut the string accordingly. Tape the other end to the center of the door frame and tie a plastic spider to the other end. Place the spider now on the upper edge of the door and leave it slightly ajar. The next person to enter the room will be greeted by your creepy crawly.

10. Make a hole large enough for your hand to fit through in the bottom of a Tupperware container or cardboard box, then seal it with tissue paper. Put sweets inside the box or container. As the unwitting victim reaches for the treat, reach through the tissue paper and seize his hands.

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