What Your Dog’s Sleeping Position Reveals

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What Your Dog’s Sleeping Position Reveals

Have you ever paid attention to the position your dog sleeps in? Much can be revealed about your dog’s general health, happiness and overall, wellbeing if you know how to interpret the positions.

On average an adult dog sleeps between 12-14 hours a day. This varies based on the dog’s breed, daily activity, and age. According to experts’ dogs sleep the most between 9 pm and 6 am; dogs take several naps throughout the day. Puppies need a lot more sleep and may sleep up to 20 hours a day.

The most popular sleeping position of a dog is on his side with his legs extended. If your dog sleeps in this position it means he feels safe and comfortable and he is comfortable with his surroundings as his vital organs are exposed. You may also see your dog running in his sleep in this position.

Does your dog sleep snuggle up next to you? If so, take this as a compliment, since dogs are originally pack animals, snuggling up next to you reveals that he values you as an important member of his pack.

Has your dog ever come for a belly rub, rolled over on his back then fell asleep? Like the side sleeper, his position means your dog feels safe and secure. Anytime a dog shows their bellies it is a sign of trust and submission. The belly-up position is also a good position for cooling down.

Has your dog collapsed on the floor on his belly with both his front and back legs stretched straight out? This position is popular with young puppies and active dogs and is a great way for them to cool down.

If your dog wants to be ready to spring into action at any given moment, you will see him sleeping with his head on top of his paws. This is known as the lion’s pose.

If your dog feels the need to adjust to the temperature or protect himself, you will notice him curled up in a tight ball with his paws tucked close to his body and his tail curled over his body. This position is popular with a dog who is new to their environment and is very common among stray dogs. Your dog will also use his position if he does not want to be distributed while sleeping.

Sometimes if your dog is having breathing issues, he will prefer to sleep with his head and neck raised which allows him to acquire more air.

Does your dog sleep back-to-back with you or another dog? Like cuddling, this is another way of showing love and affection.

Your dog is looking for security and comfort if he is snuggling in a blanket or pillows or drapes himself with a cloth or cushions.

No matter what position your dog sleeps in, he has sleep habits that in some ways are very similar to yours. Like you, your dog experiences different stages of sleep to include REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep and deep sleep. And yes, your dog does dream. His dreams will be about what happened during the day.

Sometimes when asleep you might hear your dog barking, which is completely normal and is probably the result of a dream. Twitching and running while asleep is another sign that your dog may be dreaming. Like you, your dog may snore which could be due to difficulty breathing or perhaps it’s just common in the breed of dog.

Have you ever watched your dog circle around and around before settling down to sleep? This is a natural instinct for him which comes from his ancestors, who would circle to clear the excess grass, brush, or snow before settling down to sleep.

It’s fun to watch your dog sleeping especially when he is dreaming but If you ever notice your dog sleeping more or less than what is normal for him or he is sleeping in an unusual position, contact your vet immediately to rule out any illness.

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