TV Buying Guide: Things to Consider When Choosing the Right TV

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TV Buying Guide: Things to Consider When Choosing the Right TV

Planning to make a television upgrade? TVs nowadays have a sleeker design, better image quality, and are bigger. Will you buy a 50-inch TV? Or maybe go for 85-inch? Well, who hasn’t fantasized about having the biggest flat screen in your room and binge-watch, right? But, bigger is not always better. To help you choose which TV is right for your home, here are the top things to consider:


Resolution pertains to the number of pixels on the screen. The standard screen resolution is 1920 x 1080, which is full HD. Experts say the more pixels, the sharper, and the images on the screen appear richer and more life-like. Among 1080p, 2160, and Ultra HD, choose a screen resolution that lets you view the screen comfortably and will not create eye strain.


TV companies follow a formula in choosing the right TV size. It is recommended to purchase a TV that has a diagonal viewing distance that is half of the viewer’s distance. For instance, your couch is 120 inches away from the TV; you may opt for a 60-inch TV. Also, consider the number of people who will watch all at once and where you’re going to place the TV. Choose the screen size that fits perfectly on your chosen space – and of course, the budget.


It is no surprise that TV prices have increased tremendously, thanks to technology. TV nowadays is much more high-tech than before. The amount you want to spend on purchasing a TV depends on the brand, size, type, and features. It is best to have a rough estimate of how much you would like to spend to get a TV.


Choose a TV that suits your everyday needs. If you love binge-watching, opt for a TV with the best possible screen picture and sound quality as this helps enhance your viewing experience. If you are someone who is not into watching TV and does it occasionally, a standard-sized TV without extra features will be sufficient.


Modern TVs are energy efficient. While they cost more compared with the previous models, their energy efficiency rating can make a huge difference to your energy bill. For avid TV watchers, choose a TV with higher energy efficiency.


Newly bought TVs from authorized dealers always come with the manufacturer’s warranty. Also, most manufacturers have local service centers where you can bring your TV for a quick check if there is an issue. Support from the dealer and manufacturer is a good way to keep your TV in tip-top shape.

Most homes today do best with a 50-inch TV. The bottom line, the final decision in choosing the TV size still depends on your personal preference and the budget. You can always go for the biggest TV size that suits your personal needs.

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