Keep Your Family Safe: What You Need to Know About Online Games

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Keep Your Family Safe: What You Need to Know About Online Games

Let’s face it; we are now living in an era where technological advancements are unprecedented.

Modern kids are exposed to the world of the internet and gadgets and online games are a popular mode of entertainment for them. Studies show that kids go online at least three times a day to play online games.

Playing online games helps boost children’s skills, particularly problem-solving skills and flexible thinking. Studies show that kids who play online games have higher levels of creativity and curiosity. At the same time, online games allow them to build social connections virtually.

Although online games offer benefits to children, circumstances like cyberbullying, privacy issues, harassment, and malicious software can happen at any time. Without proper guidance, children are at risk. With all the threats that can happen online, how can you protect your kids from predators? Here are some tips to get you started.


Have a non-judgmental conversation with your child. Ask about the game he/she is playing. Are his/her friends playing the same game, too? Discuss with your kid the sites they are visiting outside the game. Discuss with them what they can see over the internet and distinguish what is appropriate and not. Ensure that they can reach out to you if they feel something is off.


Setting up parental controls on gaming devices helps ensure that rules are observed. This also prohibits leading innocent searches to not-so-innocent results. By setting up parental controls, you can block communications online and prevent information sharing.


Keep all gaming devices, consoles, and computers in a shared family space so you can monitor all activities and interactions done online.


Familiarize yourself with the games that your child plays. If possible, download the app or game and review terms and conditions, and see what kind of information is tracked and shared by the platform.


Some gaming apps are free to download, however, there are applications and functions that you need to download and pay to get to the next level of the game. Prevent unauthorized in-app purchases by not associating your credit card with your child’s device or if necessary, ask them to inform you before doing any transactions online.


Gaming is fun, thrilling, and exciting! When children are deeply engaged with the game, they become more enthusiastic in reaching the next level, and more often, they lose track of time. As parents, we need to limit their screen time. So how much gaming time is enough? Studies say that 1-2 hours per day is sufficient. Also, setting house rules like no games until homework and house chores are done and limited gaming time on school days is important to prevent eye fatigue and avoid gaming addiction.

Keeping track of your kids’ online activities and supervising them will help develop safe and smart online habits.

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